Oops! Skype Glitch Exposes User IP Addresses

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – A flaw in popular VoIP and communication service Skype can make it possible for a user to obtain another’s IP address.

The glitch was revealed last Thursday in a blog post from skype-open-source.blogspot.de. The process is simple. Relying on a software tool, users can view log files belonging to other un-added users, thus containing the IP data.

Meanwhile, a report from CNET on Monday indicated that Skype was already addressing the issue. “We are investigating reports of a new tool that allegedly captures a Skype user’s last known IP address. This is an ongoing, industry-wide issue faced by all peer-to-peer software companies,” stated a Microsoft representative to the tech news site.

The representative went on to emphasize the company was “committed to the safety and security” of its users. While IP addressed are easily accessible, obtaining one can help a user determine another’s ISP, city and country by relying on a whois solution.

As software, Skype allows users to communicate with one another online for free with video, voice and chat features. In May of last year, tech giant Microsoft bought the VoIP solution for a price of $8.5 billion.

Interestingly enough, it’s the only glitch to affect Microsoft lately. Yesterday it was reported that Microsoft had moved to fix a flaw in email service Hotmail that allowed hackers to access user accounts through password resets. For more information regarding the matter, view a report by CNET here (cnet.com).