Open Compute & AMD Team Up on Servers

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – AMD has teamed up with Facebook’s Open Compute Project to provide new servers, a report from Data Center Knowledge signaled Wednesday.

The initiative, based on AMD’s Open 3.0 Platform, was expected to be showcased at the Open Compute Project’s conference – an event that began today.

The server will help assist the financial community – including Wall Street. Discussing the matter in Data Center Knowledge’s report, AMD Cloud Technical Evangelist Bob Ogrey called the move a “paradigm shift in the server space.” “What’s really important is that this is the first time a platform has been rolled out for Open Compute isn’t targeted at Facebook’s data centers,” Ogrey continued.

Open Compute has greatly expanded since its introduction a bit less than two years ago. As an organization, its goal is to share open source design related to technical components and data centers.