Open Compute Looks to Innovate the Data Center

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Facebook’s social networking site may get all the attention, but the company also has something else that’s even more tech savvy that many still remain unaware of.

It’s called the Open Compute Project and its aim is to bring more transparency to the area of tech designs, particularly those involving the data center.

Participants are encouraged to share technologies. By doing this, the Open Compute Project believes it’ll make technology more advanced and efficient.

On its website, the project explains its mission, stating, “The Open Compute Project Foundation is a rapidly growing community of engineers around the world whose mission is to design and enable the delivery of the most efficient server, storage and data center hardware designs for scalable computing.”

“We believe that openly sharing ideas, specifications and other intellectual property is the key to maximizing innovation and reducing operational complexity in the scalable computing space. The Open Compute Project Foundation provides a structure in which individuals and organizations can share their intellectual property with Open Compute Projects,” the mission statement continues.

And Facebook actually practices what it preaches when it comes to the open-source mentality.  The company states that has custom built its own tech equipment, whether it’s the servers powered through its data centers, or the software used to run them.

Meanwhile, new participants having been hopping aboard. One in specific includes Future Facilities, a large data center solutions provider.

Facebook’s innovative idea was unveiled earlier this year in April. So perhaps there is more up Facebook’s sleeve besides just social networking. You can learn more about the Open Compute Project by visiting: