Open Source Community Embraces GoGrid

(Ping! Zine) – GoGrid today announced the launch of its Open Source Software (OSS) Partner Program. In recent months, adoption of GoGrid as a core and fundamental technology platform for enabling leading open source solutions to the cloud has accelerated. By packaging on-demand versions of software and leveraging the GoGrid Exchange, a unique cloud solutions marketplace, open source partners and businesses alike are realizing increased deployments and usage of popular open source software offerings.

“GoGrid’s ease of use, robust feature set, and excellent customer service make it an ideal cloud platform for deploying web applications – open source or otherwise,” said Erica Brescia, CEO of BitNami. “We are proud to offer ready-to-deploy GoGrid Server Images of BitNami-packaged open source applications, such as Alfresco, Drupal, WordPress, and more, through the GoGrid Exchange. GoGrid’s seamless provisioning tools make it even easier for BitNami users to get open source applications up and running in the cloud.”

GoGrid is the industry leader in partnering with open source companies to enable their software in the cloud. By leveraging the GoGrid Exchange program, partners are able to share or sell a customized server image. Each image is available to the GoGrid community as a Partner GoGrid Server Image (PGSI), which includes the partner’s branding and technical information. GoGrid users can search by solution type (e.g. internet security, backup, monitoring, web apps, compliance, and application scaling,) and instantly provision—with the click of a mouse—eliminating a lengthy installation process.

Through the GoGrid platform, open source companies can deliver their offerings as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and realize unparalleled benefits, including:

Detailed user data

High visibility by a leading cloud provider

Co-Marketing support

Access to GoGrid’s large and growing customer base

Low risk – no sign-up fees or long-term commitment

Access to customer information and usage metrics by platform even for open source distributions

GoGrid is also working closely with Olliance Group, the leading open source business consulting firm, to work with partners to develop and refine their approaches for delivering open source solutions to the cloud.

“All too frequently, SMBs and enterprises deploy expensive commercial software, not realizing that significant cost savings and flexibility can be realized through the use of industry-hardened open source solutions.” said Greg Olson, Senior Partner at the Olliance Group. “Packaged open source solutions coupled with near-instant deployment from the GoGrid Exchange will allow many more companies to realize the benefits of open source software.”
Notable open source GoGrid Partners include:

BitNami – provider of multiple popular open source application stacks

SourceFire/Snort – open source intrusion detection

OpenVPN – offering open source security software technologies

“Many of our customers want to embrace open source technology,” said GoGrid CEO and Co-Founder, John Keagy. GoGrid provides both the open source software community and our customers with a fully integrated one-stop shop to build a complete cloud. GoGrid customers can provision complex IT infrastructure, scale their infrastructure with custom cloud server images (MyGSI), F5 load balancing, cloud storage, and launch open source software solutions all in one location and with the click of a mouse.”

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