Opera Mini 8.0 For iOS Features New Look and Data Savings Mode

Opera Mini 8.0 For iOS Features New Look and Data Savings Mode(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – A new version of Opera Mini was made available last week, displaying a completely redesigned look and new features.

Version 8.0, Opera Software ASA’s first major update in over two years, adds a single column view, compression mode, themes, a QR reader, and fixes issues with the virtual joystick.

Now users can choose from three different modes in the data compression app, the Opera Turbo mode that offers better website compatibility, the Opera Mini mode that saves up to 90% of data by compressing web traffic, and Data saving off that provides maximum website compatibility, 9to5mac reports.

Additional features include a customizable Speed Dial page, a Discover tab, and a tab gallery.

Opera Mini was first released for Apple products in 2010, allowing users to browse the Internet without worrying about using all their data. The selling point of the app is that it compresses data by up to 90% and speeds up data transfers and broswi9ng.

“Opera Mini crunches down the size of the websites you visit. It compresses images and text, making the websites lighter. So, stop caring about roaming fees,” reads the description of the app on the App Store. “Quit being frustrated with slow-loading pages. We want to be sure that you connect to the web instant and access sites super-fast without paying any extra coin.”

Opera Mini 8.0 is currently available for free on iPhones and iPads via the App Store.