OS X 10.9 Mavericks Unveiled by Apple at WWDC

OS X Mavericks Unveiled by Apple at WWDC(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – During the opening of its annual WWDC event on Monday, Apple unveiled the latest version of OS X (10.9) in the form of “Mavericks,” something that moves away from the company’s cat-themed names. The operating system will arrive sometime this fall.

Below we highlight some features discussed by Apple:

Multiple Screens:

-Allows you to drag contents/tabs

-Tagging: Save document along with tagging them. Appears in finder sidebar. Documents “labeled” with a tag also appear in search

-Supports multiple displays (software)

-Use menus across multiple displays. You can take apps full screen on secondary displays. Allows users to drag assets across full screen apps

-Pan spaces on individual displays

Battery Life:

-Timer Coalescing: Provides 72% less CPU activity

-Compressed Memory


-Features new homepage, sidebar (reading lists)

-Shared links – Shows shared links of people you’re following on LinkedIn and Twitter

-Less memory and CPU usage

 iCloud Keychain:

-Remembers website logins, credit card numbers and wi-fi networks in an encrypted manner. Safari will auto-suggest a password for users


-Can appear under Apple task bar

-When you wake your computer from sleeping, notifications are displayed in lock screen


-Can search for points of interest, turn by turn directions, map syncing from desktop to iPhone

-A developer SDK is provided

iBooks for Mac:

-Can access full library from iOS devices via Mac


-Projected weather for locations is included in calendars along with travel time

-Notifications can be synced with iPhone