Our Internet Partners with SmarterTools

(Ping! Zine) – Our Internet is proud to announce a new partnership with SmarterTools Inc. to provide $800 worth of software to its Windows dedicated and VPS server customers.

Under the terms of the partnership, Our Internet customers that purchase a Windows dedicated or VPS server will receive the SmarterBundle, which includes professional editions of the SmarterMail mail server, SmarterTrack customer service software, and SmarterStats Web log analytics and SEO software at no additional cost.

“With our superior support and Web hosting packages and the incredible software offered by SmarterTools, it is easy to say you can’t go wrong when purchasing a dedicated or VPS server from Our Internet,” said Jason Dickman, CEO at Our Internet.

SmarterMail 6.x provides the best-in-class alternative to Microsoft Exchange, with a wide variety of enterprise features, including Smartphone synchronization (through Exchange ActiveSync, SyncML, and SmarterMail Sync technologies) and 97% anti-spam out-of-the-box that delivers comprehensive protection from spam and phishing messages. SmarterMail also offers advanced SOX-compliant message archiving and a leading Web-based interface for administrators.

SmarterTrack 4.x is a robust help desk application that transforms customer service efforts into a multi-channel communications portal. Features include a ticket system, live chat, WhosOn, branding and language support, cost analysis, data mining, reporting, surveys, and a knowledge base.

SmarterStats 5.x Web log analytics and SEO software allows businesses to manage website statistics and SEO efforts in a single application, providing them with the tools needed to make informed decisions and run their online business at maximum efficiency.

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