Outsourced Web Hosting Support: InstaCarma

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Although the web hosting industry depends on the latest technology to thrive, the most successful hosts understand the importance of good customer service. Just like in an offline retail environment, the best results come from a responsive, understanding company that helps customers from pre-sales to order fulfillment and ongoing technical support. However, as hosting providers and data centers acquire more customers, maintaining high service and support standards can be time-consuming and expensive.

There’s a solution – InstaCarma. InstaCarma is a provider of premium solutions for the web hosting industry ranging from outsourced technical support services to workflow automation and cloud integration. The company combines expert staff with detailed performance-monitoring to guarantee customer service excellence. Recently, I had the chance to speak with Aromal P. Rajagopal, Managing Director of InstaCarma, to find out more about how the company helps businesses of all sizes give customers the service and support that they demand.

Offering tailored, outsourced solutions for the web hosting industry

“With every single client, we try to understand their business needs,” says Rajagopal. “We find the gaps that exist and suggest solutions that we can offer to bridge that gap. That could mean a combination of different solutions, such as outsourced technical support services, cloud integration, and workflow automation. We have now been delivering these services to a range of hosting companies and data centers for nine years.”

In 2003, InstaCarma was founded with the mission of delivering outsourced technical support services to alleviate the in-house workload of web hosting providers. The company now offers an entire range of enterprise-level solutions, giving its clients access to all of the services they need to stay competitive in the web hosting industry. Although InstaCarma uses purpose-specific technology to streamline business, Rajagopal still believes that his team of hosting experts is essential to the company’s success.

Expert staff to deliver outsourced technical support and management services

“The InstaCarma business model is built around a philosophy which is extremely process-oriented and performance-driven to enhance the value offered to our customers,” says Rajagopal. “But although we work to measure performance and encourage improvement, we start by choosing the right candidates to join our team. We find candidates with the skills that web hosting providers and data centers require, and then take them through months of classroom and hands-on training to refine these skills even further.”

There are many different software and hardware technologies available to web hosting providers, from operating systems to the control panels offered to end-users. In order to deliver services, including technical support that suits specific system designs, the InstaCarma team brings together an exhaustive list of skills. On an infrastructure level, the team has a deep understanding of managed services, including high-availability (HA) clusters and load-balanced solutions for Apache and NGINX, as well as MySQL clusters to name a few. For specific hosting platforms, the team’s competencies include virtualization software, such as Parallels Virtuozzo Containers, VMware, Xen, and SolusVM, in addition to cloud platforms, such as AWS, CloudStack, and OpenStack. Finally, InstaCarma’s strengths are rounded out with proficiency in user-facing software, such as cPanel, Parallels Plesk Panel, OnApp, and vCloud.

“In addition to recruiting the best people for the tasks that we undertake, we work to improve skills with regular technical evaluations and monthly feedback,” adds Rajagopal. “Our service delivery is driven by VisionCarma, which is a futuristic application that manages the team end-to-end, right from the time they start their work, real time monitoring of SLA compliance, response time, queue loads, and presence statistics of the tech. VisionCarma has real-time shift monitoring tools, work statistics, and complete leave management, as well as productivity tracking for clients.”

To guarantee service quality for web hosting companies and data centers, InstaCarma undertakes continuous quality checks. Each technical support employee has a Performance Index based on productivity, technical feedback, evaluations, and quality indices. This all-encompassing performance indicator is unique to InstaCarma and is the result of years of analysis, HR engagement, and process improvement. InstaCarma also uses individual and team-based incentives and monthly rewards to increase productivity.

“Using VisionCarma and our Performance Index system, we can ensure the technical accuracy of our services and a fast turnaround time in our environment,” says Rajagopal. “Our technical team is technically competent, driven by a passion for hosting technologies, and understands the value they add to our customers’ business. This enables us to offer services at a highly competitive rate compared to the value that they deliver.”

Data center automation to speed up your business processes

Alongside InstaCarma’s human resources investments, the company has invested almost twenty thousand hours of development time to create automation systems for the hosting industry. From cloud provisioning to automated IP assignment, these solutions help hosting companies and data centers reclaim the hours that are wasted on routine tasks.

“By leveraging accumulated domain expertise through in-house R&D, we have undertaken automation projects to automate data center tasks and business processes,” says Rajagopal. “We have automated simple things like assigning an IP to a server directly from an accounting system, so that when a customer pays for a product, it is configured instantly. We also integrate functions such as remotely reloading operating systems into customer portals. Using API integrations, server-side shell or Perl scripting, and custom application development, we reduce the workload on the part of the hosting company or data center.”

InstaCarma combines an efficient working process with technology that speeds up the provisioning of services, technical support, and server management. The result of outsourcing services to InstaCarma is a reduced in-house workload, faster service and support, and most importantly, more satisfied customers.

Manage and monitor outsourced hosting services with Advanced Outsourcing Monitoring Console, VisionCarma

With its years of experience working with web hosting providers and data centers, InstaCarma is also aware of the importance of accountability when it comes to outsourced services. To help customers keep track of their extended technical support team, the company provides a free client portal application.

“Using our Near Real time Client dash board, VisionCarma, every InstaCarma client can see billing details, shift statistics, quality check reports, and shift and leave schedules for the team,” continues Rajagopal. “They can also give feedback on the team, or rate individual technical support team members on their work, enabling us to make our services even better. We are the only company that offers a tool like this that allows clients to track our performance themselves.”

Getting started with InstaCarma

For data centers, hosting companies, and corporations that require IT infrastructure management, InstaCarma offers a range of services, from initial cloud consulting to L1/L2/L3 technical support.

“InstaCarma is distinguished by the fact that we can provide services around the key building

blocks of a hosting business, starting from building the latest cloud setups to running them for

you and taking care of your customers,” says Rajagopal.

If you are looking to improve your technical support by outsourcing, InstaCarma represents an opportunity to reduce time spent on administration across your entire workflow. For outsourced technical support services or business and data center automation, InstaCarma is a professional, committed service provider that can tailor a customized solution to suit you.

For more information, please visit: http://instacarma.com/