OX App Suite introduces “OX Presenter” – the new way to work with PowerPoint

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Open-Xchange, creator of open source messaging, collaboration and office productivity software, has announced a major update for OX App Suite. The latest version of the web desktop software now includes OX Presenter, allowing users to broadcast presentations from anywhere.

In addition to the presentation functionality, OX App Suite 7.8.0 now lets users share files, calendars tasks and contacts with anyone, regardless of whether they have an App Suite account, allowing businesses to expand their collaboration circles. The new version of App Suite includes guest accounts, providing guest users access to view, edit and upload shared content in real-time. This sharing functionality has been first introduced with OX Guard, the one-click email encryption tool. Guest mode allows users to send PGP encrypted emails to anyone, even those not using OX Mail.

The integration of OX Presenter functionality to OX App Suite introduces a whole new intuitive way to work with presentations and OX Documents. Users can present online using the OX Presenter module, allowing viewers to watch remotely through the web. Presenters are able to use their mobile devices to control and present, seamlessly moving from mobile to desktop during the presentation.

“This version of OX App Suite contains enhancements that people need and will come to appreciate based on its ease-of-use. We’ve really focused on design and usability, which now stretches beyond the OX App Suite user-base,” said Rafael Laguna, CEO at Open-Xchange. “The addition of OX Presenter is exciting, it changes how people use PowerPoint whether presenting face-to-face or remotely; the experience is seamless.”

Improvements of the latest OX App Suite update include:

– The introduction of OX Presenter to OX Documents

– Improved and simple “shareability” across OX App Suite through guest accounts

– Function Wizard feature in OX Spreadsheet

– Enhanced design to improve end user experience including new file upload design

– Significant updates to OX Calendar including time zone virtualization

OX App Suite is an open modular platform designed to deliver a wide range of cloud services for telcos, hosters and providers in one simple solution. Available as either a hosted or on-premise solution it enhances customer engagement, satisfaction and retention significantly.

A complete overview of all updates to OX App Suite can be found at:


Released under GNU General Public License 2 and Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License, as well as under commercial licenses that offer support based subscriptions, OX App Suite is available through cloud and hosting providers, telcos and select system integrators.

About Open-Xchange
Open-Xchange develops real-time communication and collaboration software that can run on existing cloud and telecom infrastructures. Deployed by the most trusted service providers worldwide, OX’s flagship product – OX App Suite – gives individuals the freedom to collaborate, work and communicate in the way they want to by combining document creation and editing, email, social media management, messaging, VoIP and calendaring. Together with leading open source technology from Open-Xchange – Dovecot IMAP server and PowerDNS nameserver software – OX products and infrastructure services are enabling global hosting and IT businesses to achieve innovation and competitiveness. Founded in 2005, the company is privately owned with headquarters in Nuremberg, Germany, and offices in Hamburg and Olpe, Germany, The Hague, Netherlands, Helsinki, Finland and Palo Alto, CA. For further information, please visit: www.open-xchange.com