PacificHost Adds Free CloudFlare CDN to Hosting service

(Ping! ZIne Web Hosting Magazine) – CloudFlare accelerates and protects websites utilizing multiple methods. CloudFlare has proxy servers located throughout the world. The The servers are used to cache content and deliver it to the visitor closest to the nearest proxy server to ensure that website speeds are increased for the visitor. Additionally CloudFlare uses data from Project Honey Pot and other third party sources to identify malicious traffic and stop attacks and spammers from visiting the website.

PacificHost is offering CloudFlare for free in its hosting service. The service integration allows PacificHost customers to login to their control panel and after a few clicks be up and running using the CloudFlare CDN on their website.

“We are very excited to add CloudFlare as yet another feature to our hosting service, we are always looking for new ways to improve our hosting service and adding CloudFlare only adds value to our hosting service. CloudFlare has a solid product and we are proud to offer it and the features it provides to our clients.” said PacificHost President & CEO, Thomas Perry.

CloudFlare caches content in the event the server the website is on goes down. PacificHost has been working on making this an even more unlikely event by ensuring that all new servers are provisioned with a Raid 10 array. Raid 10 offers complete redundancy across multiple drives. This ensures that should 1 drive fail the server will remain continue functioning with no unexpected downtime. Furthermore having Raid 10 increases read and write speeds on the server meaning that websites will load faster and files will upload quicker.

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