Parallels Now Offering Stopthehacker

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Cloud services enablement leader Parallels now offers the leading website security product – Stopthehacker online malware scans – to customers via Parallels Partner Storefront and Parallels Plesk Panel. Stopthehacker’s services allow website owners and server administrators to protect the reputation of their websites from irreparable damage caused by malicious hackers.

This is groundbreaking news for the hosting industry, where more than 6,600 legitimate websites get hacked every single day. Getting hacked results in loss of revenue, involuntary downtime, business disruption and irreparable damage to the reputation of an online business. Stopthehacker’s services via Parallels Partner Storefront and Parallels Plesk Panel protect online business from malicious malware attacks and provide peace of mind. These security services do not require any software installation, are extremely effective and flexibly priced. The service features include direct-to-consumer alerts in case of malware injection on a website as a result of a hacker break-in, access to a powerful online dashboard at Stopthehacker and the latest Artificial Intelligence based technology, working 24×7 to monitor and protect customer websites. The security services can be started by simply signing up with an email and a domain name.

“We are excited to offer Stopthehacker through Parallels Partner Storefront and Parallels Plesk Panel to give website owners the ability to fortify their online reputation,” said Bryan Goode, VP, GM Marketplace at Parallels. “In addition, by packaging using the Application Packaging Standard (APS), Stopthehacker utilized the fastest and easiest way to enable their services to our customers.”

Stopthehacker monitors over 1 million domains every week, staying on the cutting edge of web-malware identification using the latest in Artificial Intelligence technology to identify never-before-seen-malware, which many traditional Anti-virus companies miss out on by lieu of their legacy signature based malware identification technology. Once a website gets hacked, it becomes a conduit for spreading malware. Subsequently, it infects potential customers with malware and gets blacklisted by search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing. Customers are prevented from visiting compromised sites by modern browsers like Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera and others who query these blacklists, leading to an immediate drop in sales and ad revenue.

“We’re very happy to partner with Parallels and offer website reputation monitoring and scanning services via Parallels Partner Storefront and Plesk Panel,” said Dr. Anirban Banerjee, Co-Founder of Stopthehacker. “We’re excited to build this relationship with Parallels, as many of our target customers are already partners or associated with Parallels. Together, we will make the Internet a safer place.”

Many hosting companies have already benefited by offering Stopthehacker’s award winning SaaS website security services to their customer base. Partnering with Parallels and Stopthehacker allows hosters to bring more value to their customers, increase recurring revenue substantially, reduce the number of support calls that they need to field and distinguish themselves from competitors.