Parallels Releases Small Business Panel 10.2 at HostingCon

Today at HostingCon,  Parallels, the cloud enablement leader, issued Parallels Small Business Panel 10.2. It has several exciting features for Parallels partners to deliver to end users.  Key features are:
• PCI Compliance- Parallels Small Business Panel can be made compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. This can be achieved by running a special PCI compliance resolver utility and additional tuning of the system components, as described in the document Achieving PCI Compliance for Servers managed by Parallels Small Business Panel 10.2.
• More virtualization solutions supported – Parallels Small Business Panel 10.2 can operate in virtual environments created by the following virtualization solutions: Parallels Virtuozzo Containers, Parallels Server 4 Bare Metal, Microsoft Hyper-V, Xen, KVM, and VMWare. There are special licensing and pricing options for Parallels Panel software operating inside virtual environments.
• APS application improvements- It is now possible to install web applications in the website’s document root
• Links to Virtual Container Management
• Simultaneous logins to the control panel from the same user
• RedHat Enterprise Linux 5.5 and CentOS 5.5 support is added
• ProFTPD FTP server component was updated to the version 1.3.2
Parallels believes that these improvements will allow their partners to offer a wider array of vertical offerings with support for pci compliant e-commerce offerings and the ability to offer a small business friendly control panel in any cloud based offering.  More information on this product and its latest features can be found at: