Paramount Movies Arrive for Streaming on Xbox 360

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – A wider availability of movie streaming options are now available on the Xbox 360 thanks to a new application unveiled on Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold service.

Specifically, the platform was made possible through a partnership with Paramount Pictures. Movies such as Footloose, The Godfather, Mission Impossible and Transformers are just some among hundreds of available titles.

The application allows users to purchase or rent the films via the Paramount Pictures website as digital downloads.

“The catalog of premium movies is continuing to grow as new titles are released from the studio,” emphasized a representative for Xbox Live in an email sent to tech news site CNET.

A membership to Xbox Live Gold begins at a monthly rate of $5.00. Just earlier in June at E3, Microsoft unveiled its new SmartGlass technology, a platform providing device-syncing for tablets with the popular gaming console.