Parents Concerned Snapchat App Could Mean Sexting

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – On the surface, many applications look innocent. However, a new report on Friday from warned they could be used for other purposes outside their intent.

One such app in Snapchat, providing users a way to take a picture, share it and the file is deleted on both sides after a number of user-designated seconds.

A new upgrade to Snapchat, meanwhile, means videos also come into play.

“They get these programs, put them onto their smart phones and they can send inappropriate pictures and or inappropriate texts,” commented Ernest Ward, a detective for JPD to Region 8 News – KAIT-TV.

Ward also noted adolescents may think the automatic photo deleting via Snaptchat means the images completely disappear. However, he emphasized they surely pass through a server somewhere – meaning they may still exist.