Pay a Tax for Using IE7? One Retailer Thinks You Should

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Using Internet Explorer 7 could cost you more if you’re a customer of online retail site, an Australian-based provider of tech appliances. According to a report from the BBC, before completing a transaction, customers are warned that they will be charged a 6.8% tax due to their use of the  Microsoft web browser.

Part of the message reads, “It appears you or your system administrator has been in a coma for over 5 years and you are still using IE7.”

So why the bias against the browser? It all has to do with web design, a task that apparently takes more time to adjust the site to IE7’s specifications. “I was constantly on the line to my web team. The amount of work and effort involved in making our website look normal on IE7 equalled the combined time of designing for Chrome, Safari and Firefox,” commented CEO Ruslan Kogan in the BBC’s report.

The message explaining the tax concludes by reading, “Avoid the tax, use a better browser”. Logos of competing software including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera are displayed. Meanwhile, for every month since version 7 of Internet Explorer was launched, the surcharge tax increases by .1%.

IE7 first debuted in 2006 but has since been followed up by both versions 8 and 9. Meanwhile, IE10 is set for integration with Microsoft Windows 8.