Pay Close Attention to Your Bounce Rate

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Any business owner, whether large or small, should be using an analytics program to properly measure the success of their website. These tools can show you important data about your visitors, such as how many have come to your website, how long they have stayed, how they were referred to your website, and more. Even more important than how you get this information about your site is how you interpret the data and how it guides your future actions. There are certain areas of analytics that can be interpreted the wrong way or misunderstood, however, so in this article we will try to explain one of the most important elements with your analytics evaluation.

Pay close attention to your bounce rate.

Sometimes it is easier to visualize analytics by imagining your website as a physical store. Obviously, the longer a customer spends in your store the more likely they are to purchase something. This is mostly true for your website, but make sure that they aren’t spending a long time on the site because they are having difficulty finding something. If a poor navigation structure is acting as an obstacle in converting a sale, it is a problem in the long run. In the physical store, you would ask them if they needed help to alleviate this problem, but the website needs to be more informative.

On the other hand, if someone only stops by the store for a few seconds and then leaves, it means you weren’t offering them what they were looking for – at least not quickly enough. Since you have already taken care of the users who are spending more time on your site, it makes sense for the next step to be to determine what is making other customers leave so fast. The frequency in which customers leave your site is called the Bounce Rate. There can be many reasons for a high bounce rate, and figuring out exactly how to improve it (offering more information on the site, providing a wider range of products, etc.) will lead to more sales in the future.

In the long run, getting 1,000 visits to your website sounds great, but with an excessively high bounce rate, for example 50%, you really only attract 500 visitors. The best way to find out what is driving people away is to examine the data and see what brought them to the site to begin with. It is possible that your website is not optimized correctly for search. In other words, there are keywords bringing traffic to your website, but your website does not adequately illustrate those keywords in the products you sell.

The bounce rate is one of the most important aspects to consider when reviewing your website analytics, if you want to improve conversion.

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