PayPal Promotes Mobile Payments Through Its PayPal Here App

PayPal Promotes Mobile Payments Through Its PayPal Here App(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – PayPal has stopped promoting its payment card and has changed its focus to its mobile app through the new rebranding campaign, “Powering The People Economy.”

According to the company, its app, PayPal Here, offers customers an easy and convenient way of paying by using the free app and small triangular card reader that attaches to users mobile devices.

When ordered through PayPal, the card reader is free with no setup or monthly fees, although there is a 2.7% fixed rate every time you make a transaction.

“There are multiple ways to pay with PayPal in store. But rather than the “how” we’re focused on delivering people better experiences than what exists today. We’re committed to helping them save time (ordering lunch ahead and paying at your restaurant table from your phone) and money (offers for great products and services straight to their PayPal wallet). It’s important to us that people have choice for how and when to pay. But if a customer chooses to use a PayPal payment card, they can request one through the site, or contact customer service.” –Chris Morse, Senior Manager, Communications, PayPal

The branding campaign will display its new slogan and logo in print, digital, and TV ads globally, reports ComputerWorld.

PayPal currently has over 148 million active accounts and around 1.9 million merchants in the U.S. that accept the service.