PCloud Launches Secure File Sharing Service for Seamless Collaboration

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Cloud storage provider pCloud today announced the release of pCloud Transfer, a secure file-sharing service.

pCloud Transfer allows users to send either standard or encrypted files. Using pCloud Encrypted Transfer, users can encrypt their shared files with a password only known to the user. Like the standard transfer method, users can add files up to 5GB, but a single file must not exceed 200MB.

According to Zafer, internet users don’t consider the dangers of sending personal information via unsecured email. Since other email services offer subpar file encryption methods, users are putting their personal information at risk.

“At pCloud, we take pride in our security efforts,” said Zafer. “All of the services we offer include client-side encryption capabilities, and pCloud Transfer is no exception. When sharing personal information, especially via email, it’s important for users to find a method they can trust so that shared data doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.”

The problem with using standard email for sharing, says Zafer, is that files are often too large to send, and those on the other end tend to fall out of the loop. An easy communication and collaboration tool, pCloud Transfer eliminates both of these problems.

“pCloud Transfer is a new, simple and safe way to share files with friends, family and even co-workers,” said Tunio Zafer, CEO of pCloud. “Like all of our services, pCloud Transfer was designed with the user in mind. By doing so, we were able to create a secure and easy-to-use alternative to your standard email platform.”

For more information on pCloud Transfer, visit https://transfer.pcloud.com/.

About pCloud
pCloud is one of the most sophisticated and user-friendly cloud storage services on the market. Established by a group of IT specialists and global entrepreneurs, pCloud provides innovative, fast and sophisticated cloud storage for individuals and businesses. With unique features like pCloud Drive, upload links and syncing multiple folders, pCloud offers unmatched versatility, security and sharing capabilities. pCloud Drive allows files to be stored entirely on a cloud-based external hard drive, which frees up local hardware space, improves upload and download speed and allows files of any size to be stored and accessed.

pCloud is available in the App Store, in Google Play and at http://www.pcloud.com.