Peak 10 Recognizes World IPv6 Day

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Peak 10 Inc., a managed services and cloud provider with world-class data centers, announced today its support for World IPv6 Day, by launching its own website on an IPv6 only server, in addition to hosting on an IPv4 server, giving both IPv6 and IPv4 clients access to its website. The IPv6 website will be hosted at Peak 10 will be joining many other companies including Google, Facebook and Yahoo! as those committed to IPv6 awareness. The goal of World IPv6 day is to encourage companies to prepare for a successful transition to IPv6 as IPv4 addresses run out.

“By recognizing World IPv6 Day, we hope to further encourage  our customers and the business community to prepare for IPv6 adoption,” said Ronnie Frames, the director of network services at Peak 10. “Education and understanding are the two key factors to IPv6 preparedness, and it is important to proactively educate not only IT managers, but everyone in the business community about IPv6 as it may affect many aspects of a company.”

In addition to raising the awareness of World IPv6 Day, Peak 10 has been hosting IPv6 Engineering Series, in which local business leaders can learn about the impending IPv6 adoption as well as preparation and transition strategies. Peak 10 also hosted a South Florida Technology Alliance event in which John Curran, president and CEO of the American Registry for Internet Numbers, spoke about the forthcoming transfer from IPv4 to IPv6.

“While IPv6 adoption is not mandatory, it will be a necessity for growth via the Internet,” said Frames. “That being said, it is important that companies proactively budget and plan for an inevitable implementation in their network. We hope that by recognizing World IPv6 Day we will help to prompt our customers, partners and associates to begin preparation, and avoid a potentially costly last-minute transition in the future.”

Peak 10 Network Engineering teams spent countless lab hours preparing and planning for their IPv6 deployment.  “We wanted to assure our IPv6 deployment followed standards that technical staffs were already familiar with so that the learning and training aspects were minimized,” said Don Lundquist, senior manager of network design and technology at Peak 10.  “We integrated IPv6 into our existing network design so that our team easily understood the deployment methodologies for provisioning and operation.”

In addition to hosting and sponsoring IPv6 events, Peak 10 has also released two IPv6 white papers, “A Practical Guide to Preparing for IPv6” and “IPv6 Transition Strategies.” The first white paper is designed to walk readers through the reasons behind the IPv6 adoption, and explain the necessary steps in order to make businesses IPv6-ready. For more information about preparing for IPv6 or to read this white paper, click here. The second paper takes readers a step further, exploring the three main transition strategies companies can employ to transfer IPv4 data to IPv6. To learn more about these transition strategies or to read this white paper, click here.

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