Phishing for Minecraft Fools 1,800

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – According to multiple news outlets, Mojang Flagship, Minecraft users have fallen victim to ye ol’ phishing game to access thousands of users accounts. Initial reports were that Minecraft was hacked but Mojang released information informing users what happened and how to prevent future mistakes.

Phishing is a common scam that uses both popup messages and emails, asking the user to provide sensitive information to accounts using fake/look-a-like pages to imitate banking, medical and IT sites. The best way to avoid these situations is to simply ignore the popup or email. If you are concerned, go directly to the source website instead of clicking any links or filling out any forms.

Bright Plaza offers an alternative to these attacks with “Picture Passwords” and is quite effective in solving most problems. Mostly, the user is required to enter a text password, which is then obtained by the scammer.

Gary Bickford, VP at online privacy and security firm Bright Plaza, responded, “Using Kaje Picture Passwords®, you can be assured that the phisher who asks for your text password is, in fact, a phisher. He can’t give you your picture to ask for a login, let alone record your picture password actions. If you see the picture you uploaded, you can confidently draw a few lines on the picture, and login.”

Microsoft confirmed that there were no security compromises during this time and encourages all users to reset your passwords periodically.