PhotonVPS Celebrates Three Years in Business with Infrastructure Upgrades

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – PhotonVPS, a worldwide leader in Enterprise Virtual Private Servers, today marked three years in business by announcing substantial upgrades to its infrastructure and hosting services.

The infrastructure upgrades offer a wide range of benefits. Namely, the upgrades improve the company’s ability to detect and neutralize incoming DDoS attacks. As part of the upgrades, PhotonVPS has upgraded major distribution routers in company’s data center, and added new peering capacity – the company now has more than 40 GBps of peering capacity.

PhotonVPS has also upgraded internal monitoring systems in order to better detect problematic nodes, enabling the company’s 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC) to proactively identify and respond to potential problems. The company has also hired additional technical support engineers to provide even faster response times.

“Our company pioneered the model for Enterprise Virtual Private Servers, which has attracted many large businesses to this market. As we have grown, we have continued to reach new performance benchmarks in cooperation with our vendors, and we have continued to build out our infrastructure. Today’s announcement demonstrates our commitment to maintaining a next-generation hosting environment,” said Jimmy Lu, Vice President of Operations for PhotonVPS. “Most importantly, our obsession with customer satisfaction has enabled our customers to thrive. Many of our customers who started with just one Virtual Private Server now have 5, 10, or more.”

In addition to domestic network upgrades, PhotonVPS has also formed a new peering relationship with ChinaTelecom. The new 10GBps connection will cut latency times and improve throughput for connections between the United States and China. No other hosting provider on the West Coast of the United States has this level of peering relationship with ChinaTelecom.

PhotonVPS has also improved ordering procedures. With the addition of new anti-fraud processes, the company is now able to offer instant provisioning, so new customer accounts can be activated within minutes after the order has completed.

In the coming months, the company plans to introduce even more changes. PhotonVPS will continue to upgrade its core routers to Juniper hardware, add new peering relationships and points of presence (PoPs), and continue to enhance its internal monitoring systems.

Unlike other providers, PhotonVPS owns and operates its own infrastructure and maintains an in-house customer and technical support staff. Leveraging existing resources, PhotonVPS provides true 24/7 customer support and enterprise-level service management.

Each server node is limited to no more than 15 VPS instances, and all data is backed up weekly automatically. Servers feature high-performance hard drives, designed in hardware (not merely software) RAID configurations to maximize redundancy and increase I/O speed.

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About PhotonVPS

Founded in 2009, PhotonVPS is a worldwide leader in Virtual Private Servers. A subsidiary of Profuse Solutions, Inc., the company owns and operates its own network infrastructure and server hardware. It offers a wide variety of enterprise-level VPS solutions, including servers powered by Xen, Open VZ, Atomic, and Forex.