PHP 5.5 Added to CloudLinux Selections

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – New integration of scripting language PHP is now available via CloudLinux, the company announced on Wednesday.

Accessible through PHP Selector, PHP 5.5 Alpha2 adds new features including password hashing API, providing users with the ability to use bcrypt for one-line commands along with loop-controlling generators.

“PHP is possibly the most widely used aspect of any shared web hosting plan,” emphasized CloudLinux CEO Igor Seletskiy in a press release.

“Like the rest of the web hosting community, we are excited to start exploring the new features of PHP version 5.5. However, many hosting companies and their customers would not usually deploy an Alpha version on a large-scale, server-wide basis. CloudLinux and PHP Selector make it possible for hosting providers to assign individual accounts their own PHP version without affecting other sites on the same hardware,” Seletskiy continued.

In November, CloudLinux unveiled MySQL governor software emphasizing simplicity. CloudLinux is notable for providing hosting-centric providers with features such as tenant isolation, simplified conversions from CentOS and RHEL, among other features.