PHP Language for the Communication Revolution

PHP Language for the Communication Revolution(Ping! Zine Issue 43) – PHP is without a doubt one of the best and well thought out computer languages on Earth. It may have been the long winters in Denmark or Greenland that helped Rasmus Lerdorf develop PHP/FI for C including the native support for database communications in 1994-95. For our younger readers, this was during a time when Gates and Windows were king and web pages were almost all static, rudimentary objects. China and India were still called “Third World” rather than “BRICK” nations. In 1994 programmers still had to worry about the space and elegance of their code… Blackberry wouldn’t introduce the first commercially viable smart phone for another five years. These things are mentioned to give some perspective as to how revolutionary and ahead of his time Rasmus was. In hindsight, it is almost as if PHP was developed in 1994 for the streaming mobile, social, communication revolution that is emerging today in 2011. PHP is without a doubt the best language for developing and managing websites, especially those with social media, streaming news feeds or any other form of interactive media. This article will look at why PHP is the most dynamic language out there today. Why it is better than other alternatives such as ASP or ColdFusion, and why PHP is the language for the Communication Revolution.

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