Ping! Zine Issue 81 – A Transparent View from a Legally Blind Marketer

I’veissue81_cover_01 recently become slightly obsessed with Rand Fishkin of Moz. In reading his story, I was struck by how open and transparent he is – not only about the company he co-founded but about his personal life, as well.  On his personal blog, he wrote openly about his struggle with depression.
I’ve always valued transparency in business, and I believe it causes people to feel more accountable for their work and it increases their “buy-in” when it comes to accepting work, as well. What I’ve never thought about is what happens when our fearless leaders become transparent with more than business. After reading Rand’s blog, I know the answer. They become human.
Instead of respecting and praising these people for only what they’ve done in business, we start also to respect and revere them for who they are as a real-life human outside of the office.
What Does This Have To Do With Me?



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