Play World War Z Game on iOS or Android – App Review

World War Z(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Whether you like it or not, the era of zombie popularity isn’t going anywhere just yet. The fact is further evidenced by the recent box office popularity of World War Z – a film starring Brad Pitt and based off the 2006 novel by horror author Max Brooks.

As with many zombie-centric stories, the movie deals with a global zombie outbreak as humanity races to save itself from impending doom.

Recently, Ping! Zine got a chance to not only see the movie (we give it two thumbs up), but to play the game on our mobile devices. Below is our review for the Android version (it’s also available on iOS):

World War Z arrives from Phosphor Games Studio, a developer also noted for work on Kinect Adventures, The Dark Meadow and Horn.

World War ZGameplay

The gameplay is at times fixed – meaning the user is sometimes in a fixed position as they’re defending the onslaught of zombies. When you’re in the fixed spot, you simply aim and the game auto-shoots for you, something we see as a downside. We’d much prefer to manually pull the trigger. On the other hand, you are required to manually reload your gun.

At other points, however, you are free to roam locations, searching for things like keys, fire extinguishers and ammo, key inventory items that’ll help you progress to the next scene. Meanwhile, in later instances, you can dodge the zombies along with hitting them with a crowbar.


Graphics are relatively impressive. We, however, found some glitches – even while playing on a Samsung Galaxy S3, but overall, it didn’t affect the gameplay.

Availability and Pricing

World War Z is available for iOS and Android – both versions priced at .99 cents. As always we’d recommend connecting to a Wi-Fi network before you begin the hefty download.

World War ZVerdict

This is an okay game. Is it worth everyone’s download? Probably not, but if you really, really liked World War Z and are just obsessed with zombies in general, it might be worth your while. Overall, we give it 3/5 stars.