Pokemon X and Y Online Competition Schedule Announced

Pokemon X and Y Online Competition Schedule Announced(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Pokémon X and Y players will have the opportunity to earn Championship Points in seven Online Competitions, with the first beginning June 6th.

By participating in the May and June tournaments, players can earn points towards an invitation to the 2014 Pokémon World Championships that are held in Washington, DC, from August 16-17, VG247 reports.

Below is the list of the upcoming Pokémon Online Competitions posted on Pokémon Global Link:

  • June 6-8: Think Fast Competition- Single Battle- rounds are limited to one 10-minute Single battle, with a 30-second preview of your opponents Pokémon and 15 seconds to choose a move during each turn.
  • Late June: 2014 International Challenge June
  • July: Eevee Friendly Match (tentative title) – This Rotation Battle is only for Eevee and its evolved forms.
  • July: All Star Battle (tentative title) – players can use up to two Legendary and Mythical Pokémon in this Double Battle.
  • August: Think Fast Competition- Double Battle- players will not be able to see their opponents Pokémon before the battle. Only one backup Pokémon is allowed per team, with three Pokémon limited to each contestant.
  • Autumn: Fairy Type Cup (tentative title) – limited to only Fairy-type Pokémon. Battle format TBD.
  • Autumn: Halloween Party (tentative title) – there will be a special Single Battle competition for Ghost-type Pokémon. Every contestant’s battle box must include Gourgeist.