PolarisMail Announces Launch of Enhanced Email Hosting

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – PolarisMail, the popular email hosting service, announces the launch of a new suite of cloud-based services, including enhanced email hosting, exchange hosting, and easy file sharing across a whole host of technologies.

“With the Enhanced E-mail service, clients can collaborate much more easily by sharing their emails, address books, calendar and files,” explained George Breahna, CEO of PolarisMail.”

The new service is designed to make online communication and team collaboration faster and more efficient.

“It makes file sharing a breeze by allowing you to mount your web drive on your local computer in order to work on your documents as if they were local,” according to Breahna. “You can then share those files with users within your company or outside, thus eliminating the need for other file sharing services. All of these features are also available on the user’s mobile device. E-mail, contacts, calendars are always in sync wherever you are.”

Their new services represent their commitment to continue offering their customers the latest in enterprise communication solutions.

“We are thrilled to offer such a feature-rich cloud based service for our customers, at a very affordable price,” said Breahna.

Their services are winning rave reviews from customers. “In more than 15 years of doing a variety of business with internet-based companies, I have never had such hands-on, efficient and accessible service,” said Sheila D. Gerzoff, Director of SG Integrated Marketing.

Those seeking more information may visit http://www.polarismail.com.

About Polaris Marketing:

PolarisMail provides numerous enterprise communication solutions, including newsletters with autoresponders, and email solutions ranging from basic to enhanced. They also provide offsite backup for emails, spam control, e-mail filtering services, and more. PolarisMail distinguishes itself from other communication solutions with one of the best privacy policies available.