Potatoes Used to Test Airplane Wi-Fi

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Potatoes and humans may have more in common than previously thought. On Wednesday, airplane manufacturer Boeing announced that it had used the vegetable as human substitutes when testing how Wi-Fi networking works in the air.

According to the company, potatoes contain similar human properties that allow them to function with electronic signals.

The result of the study? Something quite significant. “Boeing engineers created a new process for measuring radio signal quality using proprietary measurement technology and analysis tools. This enables engineers to more efficiently measure how strong a signal is and how far it spreads, ensuring safe yet powerful signal penetration throughout an airplane cabin,” noted the company via a press release.

A total of 20 thousand pounds worth of potato sacks were used during testing via a de-commissioned aircraft. Boeing also noted that testing such aircraft had previously taken two weeks. Once the method was developed, time was cut down to just ten hours time.