Preparing for Social Media Site Traffic

Different social sites will have different advantages as far as their traffic is concerned. You get the chance to bring your website an entire slew of new visitors. They will always be mixed demographic structure in the people who visit your site from social media networks like Digg and Slashdot. Digg has become very popular for the rating feature. It allows you to vote for the site and post a positive review right on the page. If you like the site, you’re free to tell the world about it. Many businesses use Digg to find accurate review information. This information is critical when shopping for supplies to expand a new business. You can expect the traffic to boost your bottom line, as there are always new people logging in and discovering sites.

While they usually aren’t paid to browse the sites, there are some visitors who are being compensated for the sites they rate on Digg (mainly by the people who want to game the system in order to receive more exposure). You still get accurate reviews, though and you get what you want from the sites you visit. All the sites on Digg are quality, because just like a search engine, user always find what they’re looking for. Most often, users from Digg and Slashdot are honest (even brutally honest) and forthcoming with their reviews.

Digg is a fairly revolutionary way to find information. Social media sites have a way of capturing a reader’s attention that gets a lot of additional clicks. After users experience the joy of discovering different types of websites through different Web page structures, they will be hooked on Digg for life. You can count on lots of quality people discovering your website from Digg. Many people who use this way of looking up information are seasoned Internet professionals. It takes a real searcher to find a social media platform like Digg.

The traffic will not be extremely targeted but it can definitely convert if you know what you’re doing. Most of the people will have searched for your specific website topic and will be familiar with the subject matter you present. This gives you a chance to deliver a different type of content to the people on Digg. You know they will have adequate computer skills, an experience in computers and the ability to find websites that display information differently.

Be sure to have your website in pristine condition. All the information you want to convey to your visitors should be organized correctly and laid out so they can easily find what they need. Take your Digg advertising seriously, you’ll stand to get a lot more out of it. Digg brings you the highest quality visitors for your dollar and you can be sure of the website’s originality. Digg is the first social media website of its kind. You will be hard pressed to find another social media website that brings you information this way.
People who use Digg usually vote on the sites they look at. This means you have an outstanding chance of hearing what your visitors really have to say about your site. In order to make it to the front page, users have to “digg” the story the most. Meaning, users have to rate the page the highest in order to get the standing. If your page is created well enough, you stand to get a boat load of visitors simply because your site is the best. This is an ingenious way of creating high quality, targeted traffic that gets results.

If you’re looking for that something extra, Slashdot has a lot to offer too. It’s like Digg in a lot of ways but differs primarily in the number of features presented. Visitors can leave comments on every new page they come across, giving them the ability to add additional information or tell the world what they really think. Both are valuable includes for a website. The ability to leave comments has improved the quality of websites around the world and continues to remain a high quality source of immediate feedback. Some things on the Web will never change. People are always hungry for new information sources and want to get interactive. Digg and Slashdot offer this functionality to anybody who’s interested. You should give Digg and Slashdot a try, the experience is incredible when you learn the truth about quality traffic.

One thing to keep in mind is that you’ll end up receiving a lot of hits in a short amount of time and as a result, you have to prepare for this type of traffic. If you think that you can survive the Digg effect with a bloated script on a shared hosting package, think again.

First of all, you need to tweak your script if your website is dynamic. For example, the “WP-cache” plugin is a lifesaver if you are using WordPress and the list could go on and on. A lot of times, you’ll be able to survive the Digg effect without using too many system resources if you know what you’re doing. On the other hand, you should have a VPS at the very least if you’re serious about your Digg marketing efforts. Otherwise, the host will probably pull the plug because you’re using way too many system resources.

Article source: The Hosting News