Pressidium announces launch of “Pressidium Pinnacle WordPress Hosting Platform”

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Pressidium Pinnacle Platform gives users reliability and uptime, highly available architecture on every layer, automatic scalability, full server management, and automated backups among many other features

UK-based startup Pressidium announces the launch of its “Pressidium Pinnacle Platform”, which offers premium managed hosting for WordPress; aims to revolutionize WordPress hosting by being first to offer enterprise-grade architecture, webscale real-time and fault tolerant engineering as standard features for all hosting plans.

Founded by a team of senior software, devops and IT professionals from the Telecom & Media industry, Pressidium seeks to offer an unparalleled premium web hosting and management service that provides fast, robust, scalable and secure hosting to all owners and managers of professional WordPress sites.

Now, in a true industry first, Pressidium has developed and launched its “Pressidium Pinnacle Platform”, a fully managed hosting platform and management portal delivering WordPress as an integrated hybrid Software-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service solution — allowing users to deploy a highly professional website or blog in less than 45 seconds.

On the security side, the platform offers managed auto-updates, end-to-end managed security, malware monitoring and removal, managed web application firewalls, bad bots filtering, expert WP support, and a full chroot environment.

Additionally, the Pressidium Pinnacle Platform delivers reliability and uptime, highly available architecture on every layer, automatic scalability, full server management, and automated backups among many other features.

“We all had the vision of creating a boutique-managed web hosting service that offers ALL WordPress users access to technology that provides the very top levels of safety, reliability and security,” says Andrew Georges, Co-founder of Pressidium, and former Systems Engineering & Design Director at Southeast Europe’s Media and Telecom giant Forthnet. “Every member of our team wanted to engineer a hosting service that would take the managed web hosting industry by storm,” he adds.

As engineers, Georges explains, the members of Pressidium believe web hosting should be free. Their realistic thoughts, however, steered them to create the next best thing — an affordable and powerful tool that would complement one of the world’s most popular platforms.

According to Forbes, in late 2012 nearly a fifth of all sites on the internet utilized the WordPress content management system, today this has increased reaching almost one fourth of the internet. With the popularity of the platform in mind, the Pressidium team has created a tool that provides optimal conditions for WordPress websites to thrive.

“Pressidium offers incredible speed, unparalleled availability and industry-leading uptime, all are delivered via a managed platform perfectly tailored for any WordPress website, from web design agencies to freelance web designers, and professional website owners,” says Pressidium Co-founder John Andriopoulos.

Following a full year of R&D that included active collaboration from the global WordPress community and enthusiasts — and with over 300 developers actively taking part in Pressidium’s live beta program — Pressidium Pinnacle Platform is set to be a groundbreaking tool for WordPress users across the world.

This level of collaboration was complimented by Pressidium’s support of the international WordPress community as an official sponsor of WordCamp Europe 2014 — the largest annual gathering of the WordPress community in Europe.

Currently, the Pressidium network includes two main origin data-centers in London and Amsterdam with more planned ahead and edge delivery servers located in data-centers at another 22 locations across the globe.

“With server locations in North America, Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia and Oceania, we can honestly say that Pressidium is a global company,” says Pressidium Co-founder Giannis Zachariadis.

Already used by a number of web design agencies, media and news outlets, Pressidium’s monthly plans start from only $17.90 — including all enterprise-grade features and expert support — and are built to seamlessly scale depending on site traffic.

Along with the launch of Pressidium Pinnacle Platform, Pressidium is also announcing the upcoming launch of an elaborate affiliate program, which promises significant benefits for affiliates & partners who choose to sign on.

“We consider the Pressidium Pinnacle Platform a technological work of art that offers a safe and secure home for the “creative masterpieces” of our clients,” says Pressidium Co-founder Filip Slavik. “Protecting their hard work and making it reliably and readily available for their visitors is as important for us as it is for them,” he adds.

With the launch of Pressidium and its “Pinnacle” platform, its creators’ mantra of “never fail, always scale” is now available to the public.


Pressidium® was launched in 2014 by former Senior Devops, IT & Software Engineers from the Telecommunications & Media industry that envisioned and evangelized a truly high performance and hassle-free WordPress solution. Pressidium Pinnacle Platform from Pressidium® offers a fully managed web hosting and management portal for fast, robust, scalable and secure hosting of professional WordPress websites. It’s an effective and efficient alchemic blend of webscale technologies and systems specifically optimized for hosting the WordPress platform. Incredible speed, unparalleled availability and industry-leading uptime are delivered together with the promise of launching websites within 45 seconds of logging in to the control panel.