ProlimeHost Augments cPanel Features at Data Center

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – After having made a series of enhancements to the infrastructure starting from the third quarter of the year 2012, Prolime Host ( is on the verge of closing the year with another set of additional infrastructure augmentations. The year has already seen the leading web hosting services company integrate their Linux dedicated server stack with Cpanel, Windows dedicated server stack with Plesk, inaugurate a state-of-the-art datacenter in South Bend (Indiana) and perform a hardware overhaul touching upon almost their entire server base. However, there was more in store as they announced technical feature enhancements to their Cpanel integrated control space in their Dallas data center.

“Our managed dedicated server business vertical is not stronger than ever before across the Linux stack in our Dallas data center”, informed a beaming Tom Beck to the reporters in the press meet arranged by the web hosting giant. “The Cpanel dedicated serversthat were already fully integrated with Linux have now been operationally streamlined with the addition of a number of features. Some of the most prominent features are the addition of multiple database types rather than relying just on MySQL, and admin control features including the WHM panel on top of Cpanel. This may not immediately translate to revenue generation for us; however, all of this would make reselling web hosting from our platform in a heterogeneous setting way easier than earlier.”

As per the industry experts, the bulk of the income of a web hosting company is generated by its recurring clients. Once a customer starts hosting a website with a web hosting company, they prefer to stick rather than switching hosts frequently. Since these web hosting companies bill the client on a monthly basis, enhancement in customer stickiness translates into generation of substantial revenue. However, as web hosting is the heart of any business with web presence, low-quality services will permanently damage the chances of a web hosting solutions provider as gaining and retaining customers is difficult in absence of quality of services.

Beck was also quoted as saying that the additional control will make the Dallas dedicated server data centerperformance-efficient, which in turn would lead to shorter-than-ever client response times. This would exponentially enhance the client satisfaction factors, leading to improvement in customer stickiness and thereby enhancing the average lifetime value of the clients of the web hosting company. “While we do not see an obvious way to quantify the impact of these enhancements on our bottom line, we perceive the customer loyalty and stickiness to improve to a notch above the current state, which is already excellent. We are glad to have been able to stay focused on our promise to our customers to deliver the best quality services that we possibly can”, said Beck, during the conclusion of the short but informative press meet.