Pros & Cons of Windows Hosting Servers

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Web hosting is fundamentally the placing of your area of interest to a server. The Windows web hosting background operates on the same server your content is kept, caring for necessary events involved for your website to run efficiently. Sometimes beginners in web hosting ask if the operating system of web hosting is significant, and if they should select a Linux, Windows web hosting or any other operating system. This article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using Windows for your web hosting. There are numerous advantages to opting for the Windows operating system platform.

These advantages include:

Windows web hosting is consistent and flexible when it comes to website hosting resolutions. Windows permits you to host several websites from a sole tab. Windows web servers generates sub-domains that can run websites that are database-friendly and expands server-segment utilities on your website.

Windows hosting entails .Net Framework which makes it an excellent choice for websites that are created using .Net, Active Server Pages (ASP) and Visual Basic Language. Visual Basic, .Net Framework and ASP enables your website to work faster and less complicated to use.  This will allow your visitors to have a much better viewing experience.

For students who are learning website creation, they know how to use the Windows operating system, windows based server is simple for the students use and easier to understand during their training. There is no need for the students to learn a new language to maintain websites if the students know how to use the Windows operating system. The easier nature of understanding windows web hosting makes it a plus for small entrepreneurs to run their business transactions online.

The compatibility nature of windows web hosting with other computer applications makes it a superb web server to use. One can collect data from Microsoft Access database or a SQL program and integrate it to his or her website by help of the Windows developer tools within the windows web hosting server. This makes visitors who navigate your website to access data within your company database easily and also obtain important information about the products and services your company offers to its customers.

The Windows platform also allows development of windows based applications to be easy with the aid of the Visual Interdev feature. This is because other web server hosting does not allow the web master to develop web based programs and Apps.

The Drawbacks of Windows Web Hosting

Just like a double edge sword, Windows web hosting comes with its limitations. These limitations include: The price of Windows servers are higher than any other web hosting server. This is because windows web hosting is not free-licensed software making other web servers an affordable web hosting solution. Security of windows web server is average and it loose its stability the server malfunction and hence making the windows server to operate slowly and even attacked by malwares and viruses. When the windows web server require frequent rebooting when it’s used for a long duration in order to avoid the server from hanging.

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