Prospective gTLDs Face Opposition from GAC

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – There are some countries which hold reservations regarding new gTLDs from ICANN that could hit the online world as soon as May.

Recently, the Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) detailed more than 250 new domain endings it objects to. The GAC operates alongside ICANN and plays an integral part in the authorization process.

Just some of the objections filed go against domain endings pertaining to gTLDs including .app, .book, .city, .wtf, .cloud, .sucks and .map.

While the grievances are noted, it is possible to get the GAC to remove its objection if the applicant follows particular remediation steps. For example, for Syamntec’s proposed .antivirus gTLD, GAC asks the company to “specify transparent criteria for third party access to the TLD.”

“These  criteria  should  be appropriate  for the  types of risk associated with the TLD, and should not set anti-competitive or discriminatory conditions relating to access  by third parties,” the statement continues.

GAC will gather in April to further consider the matters, a report from the BBC noted. The measure follows a historic application period in which ICANN allowed groups to apply for new gTLDs for an application price of $185 thousand.