Protecting Your Computer against DDOS Attacks

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Companies can lose a great amount of money due to unforeseen events. And with a deliberate attack to a website’s security, there comes the risk of losing more. Of course, large companies invest on ensuring that their website is safe and secured at all times. But for a budding and small-scaled business, how can you prevent such attacks to avoid any damage? Is there a way to do this without having to spend a huge sum of money?

One form of attack that can cause a disruption to a company’s operation is the Distributed Denial of Service or DDoS attack. In this type of intentional attack, it slows down the system and could create damage not only to one computer but to the entire network. An old trick used in this attack involves sending a huge number of e-mails to recipients and its aim is to take up space in the hard drive. As the attackers try every means in order to slow down the website’s performance, it takes up a lot of space and bandwidth and in most cases it could cause it to collapse.

In order to prevent these attacks from damaging your business, it is best to avail of a DDoS Protection program that comes in different forms. A more affordable and preferred option is the use of Anti DDoS software that can be installed and work well with any existing programs. This is less expensive compared to its hardware counterpart that often requires manpower and more money. The good thing about a software program is that is easier to install and updates are constantly available.

Servers can also be protected through the use of protection scripts. The good news is that some of these scripts are even free. The script analyzes the traffic that is generated on the website and identifies the good ones and also the bad traffic that is caused by a deliberate attack. Once the traffic resulting from a DDoS attack is identified, it will take action to prevent the overload of information that can slow down the server. But along with this benefit comes a disadvantage: it could only work well for small attacks. You would also need to run the script almost every minute. So in terms of major attacks, it will be better to hire the services of professionals.

With the number of options available, it is best to consider all the good and bad points of each one prior to making a choice. Website security is a very important issue that should not be neglected. Action must be taken immediately when there’s an initial sign of risk.

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Author: Ricca Mia