Prototype of cPanel’s New User Interface Found at Bar in Houston

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Rumors have been stirring for months about a new user interface for cPanel.  Word has it that it is anything from a complete overhaul to just a revamp of its color scheme.  But leave it to an accidental email link from an anonymous source that provided a quick glimpse of what the future may hold for cPanel’s new User Interface.

We are reaching out to the cPanel trust brain for confirmation that the image Ping! Zine found is the working image of the new UI, and so far our contacts didn’t deny the similarity of the image with the project they plan on releasing at the October 2011 cPanel Automation Bootcamp.

What we know:

  • The staff at cPanel has been working on an improved User Interface and during a recent visit, certain departments related to the project was off limits to the Ping! Zine editors.
  • Hints and vague conversations were abundant during HostingCon 2011 about “big changes” in the look and feel of cPanel.
  • Technical staff at cPanel has been exploring new concepts in user interfaces and considering what can be ascertained from the image, they know what they are doing.

Based on the image:

  • The system will allow you to see the applications related to the current application.
  • Elements are related to the box-trapper application, i.e. the other email applications.
  • There is a related application sub-navigation system.
  • Though the applications are grey squares in this image, we should be looking out for new designs for icons too.

Whether this is a window into things to come at cPanel or just the imagination of a random graphic designer, we do know that cPanel is planning on a “revealing” at their conference slated for October 10-12, 2011 at the Sheraton Hotel in Austin, Texas.

Not only will Ping! Zine be there covering the event and releasing official information during the conference, we will be prodding and poking for more information and spoiling their fun by giving you the poop before (stuff) hits the fan.

More updates to come soon.