PS4 Console MIA from Sony Event as Features Detailed

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – If you were expecting a full PlayStation 4 unveiling during a highly anticipated press conference from Sony yesterday, you were surely in for somewhat of a disappointment.

Sony did reveal some details about the PlayStation 4 but the information made available was quite vague. And while the company did show the device’s controller, nowhere was the actual console device in sight.

The new PlayStation will feature a Supercharged PC Architecture, X86 CPU, enhanced PC GPU along with 8GB of unified memory – pretty powerful tech components that should satisfy many enthusiasts.

No specific release date was made available either. However, the company did note the product would be ready for purchase by 2013’s holiday season.

The new PlayStation’s Dual Shock 4 controller features a touchscreen, a color-coded sensory bar and a share button.

Sony is also making use of its deal with Ustream, providing dynamic real-time sharing via social media platforms such as Facebook.

A different approach is being taken to allow users to play previous titles. Older PlayStation games will be made available through cloud services and streaming at a future date, although details were also scarce here. Cross compatibility with the PlayStation Vita and PS4 is provided too.

Game fans will also have to wait to find out the device’s price – something else that wasn’t revealed with the press conference.