PS4 Overview: Specs, Release, Social & More

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – So much more speculation rather than confirmed info appears to be pouring in regarding the PlayStation 4. What we thought would be Sony’s device unveiling last week just left us with more questions. Here’s what we’ve gathered so far:

The Hardware

The new PlayStation will feature a Supercharged PC Architecture, X86 CPU, enhanced PC GPU along with 8GB of unified memory – pretty powerful tech components that should satisfy many enthusiasts.

Release Date?

No specific release date was made available either. However, the company did note the product would be ready for purchase by 2013’s holiday season.

The Controller

The new PlayStation’s Dual Shock 4 controller features a touchscreen, a color-coded sensory bar and a share button.


While a lot wasn’t showcased, something Sony did get into a great deal was new social networking functionality the device would carry.  Users will notably be allowed to link their Facebook and PlayStation Network accounts – providing for things like “cross-game chat” and co-op play.

Uploading of gameplay is also something you’re going to hear a lot about. This will be provided for through what Sony describes as “video compression and decompression systems”. A “SHARE button” is included on the PS4 controller, allowing users to quickly edit, tag and upload video to social networks.

And forget past time; enter real time. With the PS4, users will be able to live stream gameplay via Ustream – a network of live channels. “During live broadcasts, friends can make comments on the streamed gameplay and, if a gamer gets stuck on a challenging level, friends can also join the game in completely new ways. For example, friends can offer health potions or special weapons when a player needs them most during actual gameplay,” Sony previously stated in a press release.


A different approach is being taken to allow users to play previous titles. Older PlayStation games will be made available through cloud services and streaming at a future date, although details were also scarce here. Cross compatibility with the PlayStation Vita and PS4 is provided too.


Game fans will also have to wait to find out the device’s price – something else that wasn’t revealed with the press conference. However, some are guessing on what may make sense for the market. In a Monday article from, Billy Pidgeon, analyst for Inside Network, provided insight on Sony’s sales price strategy.

“I’d like to see maybe two models, one under $300 and one under $400 would be ideal. $299 is the magic price point. I think this current generation took way too long to get there. It has to be under $400 and honestly if they could subsidize it further and take more of a hit, it might be worth their while in the long run,” Pidgeon stated, according to