PS4’s Price & Release Date: What’s Sony Thinking?

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Sony has yet to unveil the cost or release date regarding the upcoming PlayStation 4 – but unsurprisingly, there are already many speculating on the price points.

In a Monday article from, Billy Pidgeon, analyst for Inside Network, provided insight on Sony’s sales price strategy.

“I’d like to see maybe two models, one under $300 and one under $400 would be ideal. $299 is the magic price point. I think this current generation took way too long to get there. It has to be under $400 and honestly if they could subsidize it further and take more of a hit, it might be worth their while in the long run,” Pidgeon stated, according to

Meanwhile, other speculation has focused on what the price could be for the game titles themselves. While a report from PlayStation Universe originally cited a Morgan Stanley investor as saying games could retail for as much as $69.99, it was late revised to note that CEO Blake Jorgensen actually meant to use $59 and $49 as examples instead.

Other industry analysts have alluded to the idea that Sony may be waiting to see Microsoft’s unveiling of the Xbox 360’s successor before setting both a firm price and release date. But, without a doubt, the product will hit the market in time for 2013’s Holiday season.

Sony announced its intent to release the PlayStation 4 just last week while notably not unveiling the actual console device itself. The company did, however, show the PlayStation 4’s controller – something that features a touchpad and light bar.