Psychz Networks Celebrates 11 Year Anniversary with Major Infrastructure Upgrades

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Psychz Networks today marked its 11-year anniversary in business by announcing a significant investment in infrastructure upgrades, designed to improve speed, reliability, and overall performance of its award-winning hosting environment.

The upgrades include improved DDoS mitigation technologies, including upgrades to major distribution routers in company’s data center, and additional new peering capacity. Psychz Networks now exceeds 40 GBps of peering capacity, providing a substantial ability to mitigate inbound DDoS attacks.

Psychz Networks has also expanded its internal monitoring systems. New monitoring servers can now detect problematic servers, allowing the company’s 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC) to proactively detect and respond to potential problems. This proactive nature provides clients with peace of mind, and helps assure optimal server operation. The company has also added staff and software to better respond to performance issues as they arise.

All Psychz Networks dedicated servers will also feature integrated Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) and KVM capabilities, allowing for easy remote server management and maintenance. The new features are available at no additional charge to clients.

“Even after more than a decade in business, we continue to grow rapidly, both in scale and in scope. Because we are on pace to triple the size of our company in the next three years, it is important we continually improve our infrastructure and enhance our level of service. The bedrock of our company’s success is our undivided loyalty to our customers, and that value remains as strong as ever today,” said George Becerra, Director of Business Development for Psychz Networks.

To better meet the needs of growing traffic from Asia, the company has also added a new peering point with ChinaTelecom. The new 10GBps connection will dramatically reduce latency and improve throughput for connections between the United States and China. In fact, no other hosting provider on the West Coast of the United States has this level of peering relationship with ChinaTelecom.

Founded in 2001, Psychz Networks is a worldwide leader in hosting solutions. With clients on six continents, it offers a wide variety of dedicated servers and Cloud hosting solutions.

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About Psychz Networks

Founded in 2001, Psychz Networks is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Profuse Solutions, Inc. Based in California, Psychz Networks is backed by collectively decades of experience, and provides hosting services to tens of thousands of websites today. The company provides dedicated servers and Cloud hosting solutions to thousands of clients on six continents on both Windows and Linux platforms.