Pulling an All-Nighter: Facebook to Host Hackathon Before IPO

(Ping! Zine) – Tomorrow, social networking giant Facebook will officially launch its long awaited IPO, a move that will see a wave of people purchasing the company’s stock.

For many, all-nighters are headaches. Often times, they’re used by college students to cram for exams. For Facebook, they’re something different. Company employees will hold an overnight hackathon in anticipation of tomorrow’s big event, according to a report from news site Tech Crunch.

In case you’re wondering, hackathons don’t mean online breaches and cyber-attacks. In fact, they can represent something quite different. They’re really just collaborative efforts between programmers to create new software, solutions and ideas.

“We want to get everyone together and remind ourselves that this company is about building things,” stated a company source in Tech Crunch’s report.

According to a report from CNN, Facebook employee participants will receive t-shirts. A schedule from Facebook cited in the same article indicated the that Hackathon would feature amenities such as Red Bull, food and music provided by Facebook employees who double as DJ’s.

Hackathons aren’t new at Facebook: They’ve been routinely held by the company beginning with the social site’s conception in 2004. Meanwhile, Facebook’s IPO share price is estimated to be worth over $100 billion.