R1Soft CDP Contributes to Single Hop’s Growth

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Infrastructure automation using its LEAP platform has been key to SingleHop achieving the status of the USA’s #1 fastest growing IT Provider. Yet to maintain this growth rate all services and products it offers are subject to its internal automation requirements as well as to customer cost constraints and reliability concerns. R1Soft CDP’s ability to align with these specific requirements has resulted in it becoming a key technology that is foundational to SingleHop’s growth now and into the future. [Click Here]


  • Ongoing infrastructure automation demands due to tremendous growth
  • Backup services not exempt from automation requirements
  • Backup services needed to be cost-effective and reliable
  • LEAP management platform needed to manage backup software

R1Soft Benefits :

  • LEAP platform could automate R1Soft backups/recoveries using its APIs
  • Cost-effective
  • Push button setup and configuration of R1Soft backups through LEAP console
  • Granular backup and recovery of MySQL database tables
  • Minimal to no server overhead when backups occur
  • Clients can do on demand full server restores through LEAP console

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