Rackspace supports Microsoft Azure Stack, offers 24x7x365 operational support

Customers can now leverage Rackspace’s availability of a hosted single node of the Azure Stack Development Kit to do proof of concepts. With Azure Stack, enterprises can pivot between public and private clouds using the same application code base, providing increased flexibility across locations while still maintaining the security and control of a single-tenant environment.

Rackspace offers unique benefits including full-stack Fanatical Support® for Microsoft Azure Stack including virtual machines and other gear running inside Azure Stack and public Azure. Customers also get access to a singular, highly-skilled point of contact, ongoing security, and the experience and expertise gained from supporting Azure, Hyper-V, and other Microsoft technologies at scale to help customers make a successful transition to Azure Stack.

Rackspace has worked closely with Microsoft to provide a stable test environment where businesses can test non-production workloads in a hosted single node Azure Stack Development Kit, and is deployed on Rackspace Rapid Deployment hardware. The Rackspace Azure Stack proof of concept is now generally available to customers. General availability and delivery for Fanatical Support for Azure Stack is expected in the second half of 2017.

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