RapidSwitch Adds ®Intel ®Xeon E5 CPUs

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – RapidSwitch, a UK market leader in designing, deploying and provisioning private cloud platforms, has announced the introduction of 16-core systems using Intel Xeon’s latest generation E5 CPUs to meet growing customer demand.

The high-specification systems allow customers to improve the density of their cloud platforms by consolidating their physical servers onto virtual servers running on fewer, yet more powerful physical machines.

The dual socket servers support Intel’s E5 processor range, offering up to 16 cores and 32 threads, 192GB of RAM, all with dedicated 24×7 lights-out management access.  These servers are ideally suited to highly scalable applications, virtualised platforms, and businesses looking to consolidate resources.

Neil Christie, Commercial Director of RapidSwitch, said: “Our server ranges now offer more CPU cores and more RAM than ever before. We are investing in high-specification hardware so that SMEs in particular will be able to improve the density of their cloud without it being a drain on their cash flow.”

Many technology analysts are predicting that businesses will have their own private cloud platforms for core systems in the future, with public cloud providing additional capacity on demand. Using a blend of private dedicated infrastructure and RapidSwitch’s public cloud platform for additional capacity, Hybrid Cloud solutions can be built to cater for seasonal activity and extra development resource.

Neil Christie continued: “Using 16-core systems allows us to delivers a number of benefits such as the ability to create true high-availability cloud platforms, improve the manageability of the server estate and reduce the administrative burden on SMEs when they plan server upgrades or carry out maintenance.”

RapidSwitch recently became one of the first UK hosting companies to offer the new Windows Server 2012operating system, incorporating Microsoft’s new Hyper-V 3, to provide customers with reliable, cost-effective and easy to implement off-site disaster recovery.

RapidSwitch owns and manages a 1300m² data centre in Maidenhead, Berkshire. RapidSwitch is part of iomart Group plc, one of the UK’s leading cloud computing companies, and is connected to the Group’s further six data centres via a high capacity, super-fast private fibre optic network.