Ready for Metro? Final Windows 8 Preview Launched

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – If you’re a devoted Microsoft user, get ready for the company’s upcoming metro-style style features with Windows 8. The operating system is specifically suited to fit the tablet format. While the top company previously showed off its still officially unreleased OS with a consumer preview in February, a new version adds more finalization to the product.

Microsoft generally provides preview versions to receive user feedback. Windows President Steven Sinofsky detailed the release via the Building Windows 8 blog on Thursday. The new version will be the final preview before Windows 8 is officially launched to the market in the fall.

“No other product used by so many provides such an inside view of the choices and development of the product as it evolves—and sometimes we forget that we are talking about a product still under active development even while we are discussing the designs and actively using it,” commented Sinofsky.

While the most notable change to Windows 8 appears to be the new metro-style start menu that consumes the entire screen, a variety of other features appear to add uniqueness to the release.

Specifically with the new preview version, Sinofsky highlighted specific features he wants to focus on before the final product launch. Among them were how the software installs, security issues, hardware and software compatibility, device installation and more.

The version launched yesterday is available in fourteen languages. Meanwhile, Sinofsky emphasized that the product next enters a phase called RTM (Release to Manufacturing). During that time span, Microsoft will continue to tweak the OS as it receives more user feedback.