Ready, Set, Launch! IPv6 Set for Big Debut on Wednesday

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Ready or not, IPv6 will soon hit the web in a big way. Wednesday is marked as “World IPv6 Launch,” a date in which a number of internet presences will take the final leap towards using the new Internet protocol platform.

Notable entities participating in the event include Google, AT&T, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Facebook, Yahoo!, Microsoft Bing and Cisco.

IPv6 refers to the new platform used to translate web addresses into numeric digits, making access possible. The previous protocol IPv4 has run its course. The availability of IPv6 provides for the use of more digits in a single address.

“As the successor to the current Internet Protocol, IPv4, IPv6 is critical to the Internet’s continued growth as a platform for innovation and economic development,” commented The Internet Society’s Phil Roberts in an Arbor Networks report last week.

The launch follows a testing event held nearly one year ago. Meanwhile, a CNET report indicated on Firday that the U.S. FBI was worried that the emergence of IPv6 could present challenges to the way U.S. authorities currently investigate web presences in regards to cyber-crimes.