Reasons to Revamp Your Website

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – A website allows you to control the image of your company, as well as what information your customers are receiving about your business through the Internet. Therefore, it is crucial that you take cautious care in maintaining an accurate and appealing website that helps – not harms – your online reputation. In this article we will go over two of the biggest reasons you should revamp your business’s website.

When your website does not offer convenience.

Customers expect your website to be accessible 24/7 and include essential information, such as a map with directions and business hours. However, when the content you provide results in a negative experience for customers, your business’ reputation could be injured. Any lack in availability, such as unexpected downtime, results in detrimental outcomes.

    • Overcome poor results by eliminating content that would slow downloading speeds. For example, features such as Flash videos often result in slow loading times. Limit your website to one Flash video and use links to direct customers to a professional YouTube page for any additional videos.
    • Perform all upgrades and maintenance during times your website experiences reduced volumes of traffic, to avoid any disturbances to visitors. You can find traffic statistics in your site analytics to determine the best times.
    • Avoid the loss of data and website interruptions by choosing a web hosting company that uses redundancy technology, such as dual hosting. Redundant hosting backs up your website, and ensures maximum uptime, by using two separate data centers located in two different geographical regions.
    • Frequently visit your site to check for typos you may have previously overseen, links that lead to inappropriate or discontinued internal or external pages, and ensure that every page downloads in a reasonable time.

When your website proves not to be compelling or comprehendible.

Websites must continually progress and be refined to meet the growing demands of your customers. When potential customers visiting your site cannot find the answers to their inquiries quickly and easily, they will lose interest and abandon the inquiry and website all together.

    • Important information you incorporate into your website, like contact information, services or products offered, and links to additional information, can add value to a person’s experience on your website and increase the potential for repeat visits. Place important information in a logical location and compose it in an uncomplicated manner.
    • Outdated information like calendar dates and promotions reflect a business’ neglect to their website and conveys a lack of professionalism. Update industry news, trends, and company updates regularly and highlight them with a method that is easy to locate.
    • Many times, a visitor loses focus on a business, due to distractions. Keep fonts simple and consistent throughout the site. Remember, it is more difficult to read on a computer screen than on paper. Headings should use larger text and clearly organize ideas and content. Bold, underline, and italicize certain words or topics to grab attention and emphasize importance. You can avoid distractions by not overusing features, choosing hectic layouts, and creating untactful color schemes.

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