Rebootless Kernel Updates

Cloud Linux

KernelCare is a new great service, which provides important updates for the running kernel, eliminating the need to reboot Linux servers.
Rebootless kernel updates can save a significant amount of system administrators’ time, decrease downtime and improve server security.

Save Time Avoid Downtime Prevent Security Incidents
  • Minutes to setup
  • Prompt patches roll out
  • Supports CentOS 6.x, CloudLinux 6.x, RHEL 6.x and OpenVZ …
  • No performance impact
  • Ability to roll back changes

KernelCare supports CentOS 5&6, CloudLinux 6, OpenVZ, Virtuozzo and PCS for x86_64 unmodified kernels. Debian, Ubuntu and other kernels will follow. KernelCare fixes CVE-2014-0205, CVE-2014-3535, CVE-2014-3917, CVE-2014-4667 and other important upgrades without rebooting Kernel.

* If you are service provider, you can become a Partner now and Buy KernelCare.
KernelCare is developed by a Cloud Linux Inc. a company specialazing in Linux optimisation for service provider market.
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