Rebtel & VoIP: Are Costly Calls Becoming Obsolete?

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Is a VoIP provider fixing to give Microsoft’s Skype a run for its money? Not likely, instead its primary competitor appears to be the traditional telephone industry. Cheap international call provider Rebtel has claimed to be the second-largest online voice provider – according to a Reuters report from last month which discussed the company’s debate over whether to enter the stock market.

In a statement to Reuters, company CEO Andreas Bernstrom said the move was “certainly an option.” “My view is that in a couple of years, if the market allows it, that might be an interesting option,” Bernstrom went on to say.

Companies like Rebtel and Skype pose one question: Are the days of costly international calls coming to an end? In addition to offering apps, Rebtel says it can save callers 98% of costs all while allowing calls from mobile and landlines.

The market currently faces changes from VoIP. While Skype has been popular for a while, it increasingly gained a more visible profile following its purchase by Microsoft. So could the possibility of a public listing by Rebtel make the VoIP market even more intriguing? How much do you rely on VoIP? Let us know via our Facebook page.