Recap of Diablo 3 Legendary Workshop Livestream at BlizzCon


In case you missed last Tuesday’s livestream of Diablo 3 Legendary Workshop at BlizzCon, we have you covered.

Blizzard community manager Brandy Camel, lead technical artist Julian Love, and associate game designer John Tang took to the interweb on December 9th for a livestream discussing the design process in Legendary items and answering questions submitted by the live community.

During the livestream, a variety of community questions were answered including topics such as goals for the Legendary Workshop, what makes a great Legendary item, and which submitted ideas were viable and which ones were not.

Below, are outlined video discussions by the Diablo team recapping the live event.

1. Our goals for the Legendary Workshop

2. Discussion of ideas submitted by players that we thought were viable, and why

3. Discussion of ideas submitted by players that weren’t viable, and why not

4. John and Julian answer questions from Twitch chat