Relevate Introduces Zip+4 Analytics

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Relevate announced today, that zip+4 based analytics has been added to its suite of Real-time Web and Interactive Services. Relevate clients can now leverage collected information to generate valuable leads, while customizing their users’ experience with the most relevant message.

Andy Pappas, Vice President of Database Marketing & Analytics said, “Enhancing your records with additional data is only the beginning of more targeted marketing. The true power of the data is evident when it identifies a targeted set of individuals most likely to take a desired action. We achieve this by building a custom model tailored to your objectives, and then incorporating the results into the real time data services solution. With this tool you will be able to make better decisions, faster and ultimately see increased performance in your campaigns.”

Peg Kuman, CEO, added, “‘Modeling on-the-fly’ provides our clients with the message, point of interest, and an informed approach on how best to service each real-time customer transaction. We have optimized the customer experience to save real costs. This is the most exciting tool we have launched this year!”

Revelate’s real-time data solutions are delivered to your platform of choice using standard Web Services (SOAP & XML). In combination with Relevate’s signature Data Append and Enhancement services, our Web and Interactive Services are ideal for lead verification, input validation, appending of missing information (i.e., phone, DNC status, phone disconnect status, email), address verification, the pre-population of forms, and appending demographics. Now included is the ability to do modeling of the data in real-time with Zip+4 Analytics. These services give businesses the ability to ensure that data collected, from their web site or other real-time sources such as ANI, become current, accurate, and qualified leads. Ultimately facilitating effective marketing communications.

About Relevate™

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